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Babe The Sheep Pig Poster

Babe The Sheep Pig
 By Dick King-Smith. Adapted by David Wood. Outdoor and Indoor (Autumn/Winter 2009)


Adapted for the stage by David Wood and directed for open-air performance by Ali, the piece opened at the 1000 seater Rose Theatre Kingston before embarking on a national tour of theatres and arts centres. It moved into the open air in July when it played to a most enthusiastic audience at Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire.

Tuckwell Amphitheatre 2009 "Babe's adventures on stage kept even the youngest members of the audience entertained, with a heartwarming slice of life on the farm. A farmyard treat! Nine out of ten!"

Cast And Crew

There is no information about Cast and the Artistic Team for this production.

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Little Women Poster

Little Women
 By Louisa M. Alcott. Outdoor and Indoor (2005 - 2008)


Again the piece was adapted and directed by Ali for the number one circuit and premiered at Hull New Theatre before embarking on a national tour. In the open air it used a cast of seven and most of the beautifully detailed large scale touring set, including a piano!

Kingston Maurward Gardens, 2007 " A stunning production of Little Women, a lively piece of theatre that maintains a high standard of acting by a cast who make the most of an excellent script"
Dorset Echo

Cast And Crew

There is no information about Cast and the Artistic Team for this production.

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Turn of the Screw Poster

Turn of the Screw
 Spring/Summer 2008


Henry James's The Turn of the Screw takes you through a psychological mystery where a new governess suspects her two young charges, Miles and Flora, of consorting with sinister spirits and battles to save them. But do these ghosts truly exist or are they the psychotic imaginings of an insane woman? Like Henry James's novella, Theatrework's production of this wonderful novel is deliberately ambiguous so that you constantly ponder the innocence or evil of the children and question the heroism or insanity of the governess. Things in Turn of the screw are not what they seem to be!

Cast And Crew

Claire Ashton   |   Mary
Leah Bracknell   |   The Governess
Karen Ford   |   Mrs Grose
Joshua Kent   |   Peter Quint
Kate Marlais   |   Miss Jessel/Kitty
Sophie Osbourne   |   Flora
Paul Sandys   |   Miles

Claire Ashton   |   Assistant Stage Manager/Understudy
Jermey Barnaby   |   Stage Manager
Margaret Bennett   |   Singing Coach
Miles Chambers   |   Producer
Craig Denston   |   Scenic Artist
Ali Gorton   |   Director/Designer
Ali Gorton   |   Costume Design
Ali Gorton   |   Producer
Stephen Holroyd   |   Lighting Designer
Kelly Hull   |   Voice Coach
Benjamin Lee   |   DSM
Andy Martin   |   Scenic Carpenter
Hayley Murfin   |   Production Assistant
Loren O'Dair   |   Recorded Violin
Sophie Osbourne   |   Assistant Stage Manager
Holly Thomas   |   Production Assistant
Kay Wilton   |   Costume Maker

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Far from the Madding Crowd Poster

Far from the Madding Crowd
 By Thomas Hardy, Outdoor & Indoor (2003 - 2007)


Originally adapted and directed by Ali for the number one touring circuit back in 2003 and playing venues such as Wolverhampton Grand Theatre and Cambridge Arts. It used live music, traditional Dorset folk songs and a highly detailed, large scale, composite rural set.

Batemans, 2007 "A production of exquisite sensitivity." The Telegraph.

Cast And Crew

There is no information about Cast and the Artistic Team for this production.

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The Railway Children Poster

The Railway Children
 Written by E Nesbit. Indoor, 2001-2008


The Railway Children by E Nesbit was adapted and designed for the stage by Theatreworks co founder Ali Gorton back in 2001 and has toured the length and breadth of the U.K.. The premier was directed by the wonderful Brian Cant, with Cherry Britton as assistant director, with lighting by Stephen Holroyd, Music by Mark Taylor, Set by Andy Martin and Costumes Kay Wilton. It opened at the Derngate Theatre, Northampton and stared Lynette Mc Morough, Daniel Bygraves and Nick Wilton, John Hazler, Tarquin Shaw-Young and a full supporting cast - including two life size puppets created by Craig Denston. ('Ten Twenty' - the Station Masters cat, and 'James' - an Irish Woolf Hound who belongs to Peter).

In 2004 it embarked upon another National Number One tour for Theatreworks - opening at Plymouth Theatre Royal, and it has been touring ever since, recently being reworked as a super alternative to Pantomime over the festive season. It uses a praiseworthy composite set - including railway line, tunnel, station, not forgetting, Three Chimneys. A cast of eleven, music, songs, special effects all help to recreate this charming Edwardian adventure story which is suitable for the entire family.

Press Quotes from 'The Railway Children'

"With those essential virtues of a good tale well told, our kids rated it the best thing theyd ever seen" Richard Howarth, Northampton Herald and Post

" Enchanting Railway Children The inclusion of James the dog and Ten Twenty the cat, in utterly endearing puppet form was a stroke of pure genius Ali Gortons adaptation of E Nesbits classic will enchant both young and old alike" - The Cheadle and Tean Times

"A classic adventure spun into good old-fashioned entertainment my two children were hooked. It looks like being full steam ahead for this new show ideal for youngsters and big kids too"- Julie Wilson, Northampton Echo

"Nostalgia is the order of the day for this sentimentalandattractive production. An enjoyable stage adaptation of a popular story" - Croydon Advertiser

"The play successfully re-creates the storybook adventures, the direction by Brian Cant and Cherry Britton, in conjunction with the clever adaptation and design by Ali Gorton, results in the production of a smooth, well presented play, enjoyable to many young and not so young members of the audience" - Lawrence Raw, Internet Review

"According to one young girl in the audience, the show was wicked" - Alison Marsh, Crewe Chronicle

"The Railway Children steamed into Norwich Theatre Royal last night with clouds of atmospheric steam and just the sort of childlike innocence and fun remembered from the book and the film.
James the dog stole every scene he was in. this wonderfully life-like and life-size puppet sniffed out food, resisted bath time and had the audience eating out of his paws" -
Rowan Mantell, Eastern Evening News

"It was a week I was glad to be British the golden glow of nostalgia seeps off the stage and into the auditorium Its sweet, its funny, its a perfect introduction to the theatre and to childrens literature" - Rebecca Vines, Theatreworld Internet Magazine

"A good piece of theatre should transport the audience into a believable and consistent world, despite the limitations of the stage/audience format. Ali Gortons production of The Railway Children at Kendals Brewery Arts Centre achieved that superbly, with a flexible set, sound, lighting, music and dance plus a superb cast . An engaging moving play" - The Westmorland Gazette

"An enchanting revisiting of the story" - Plymouth Extra.

Past Venues Include

Plymouth Theatre Royal, Theatre Royal, Windsor. Brighton Theatre Royal. Wolverhampton Grand Cambridge Arts. The Lowry. Blackpool Grand Theatre. Malvern Theatres. Darlington Civic Theatre. Connaught Theatre, Worthing. Fairfield Halls Croydon. Derngate Theatre. Swansea Grand Theatre. Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl. Buxton Opera House. Hull New Theatre. Brewery, Kendal. Lyceum Theatre, Crew. Gaiety Theatre, Isle Of Man and Southport Arts Centre.

Cast And Crew

There is no information about Cast and the Artistic Team for this production.

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