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Turn of the Screw Poster

Turn of the Screw
 Spring/Summer 2008


Henry James's The Turn of the Screw takes you through a psychological mystery where a new governess suspects her two young charges, Miles and Flora, of consorting with sinister spirits and battles to save them. But do these ghosts truly exist or are they the psychotic imaginings of an insane woman? Like Henry James's novella, Theatrework's production of this wonderful novel is deliberately ambiguous so that you constantly ponder the innocence or evil of the children and question the heroism or insanity of the governess. Things in Turn of the screw are not what they seem to be!

Cast And Crew

Claire Ashton   |   Mary
Leah Bracknell   |   The Governess
Karen Ford   |   Mrs Grose
Joshua Kent   |   Peter Quint
Kate Marlais   |   Miss Jessel/Kitty
Sophie Osbourne   |   Flora
Paul Sandys   |   Miles

Claire Ashton   |   Assistant Stage Manager/Understudy
Jermey Barnaby   |   Stage Manager
Margaret Bennett   |   Singing Coach
Miles Chambers   |   Producer
Craig Denston   |   Scenic Artist
Ali Gorton   |   Director/Designer
Ali Gorton   |   Costume Design
Ali Gorton   |   Producer
Stephen Holroyd   |   Lighting Designer
Kelly Hull   |   Voice Coach
Benjamin Lee   |   DSM
Andy Martin   |   Scenic Carpenter
Hayley Murfin   |   Production Assistant
Loren O'Dair   |   Recorded Violin
Sophie Osbourne   |   Assistant Stage Manager
Holly Thomas   |   Production Assistant
Kay Wilton   |   Costume Maker

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